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Harmonica classification

Time2019-09-25     AuthorShanghai CivaOriginal   Read

Harmonica classification

We know you like music, like harmonica.

Do you know the harmonica classification?


According to the purpose, the harmonicas can be roughly divided into two categories:

solo harmonica and ensemble harmonica.

The solo harmonica mainly includes Blues Harp, Chromatic Harmonica, Tremolo Harmonica ( including Octave Harmonica, Echo Harmonica), etc.

The ensemble harmonica mainly includes Bass or Double Bass Harmonica, Chord HarmonicaHorn Harmonica, Bariton Harmonica, Mini Harmonica, etc.


According to the pronunciation method, it can be divided into Jew's-harp and Multi-leaf harp.

The Jew's-harp includes Blues Harp and Chromatic Harmonica.

The Multi-leaf harp includes Tremolo Harmonica, Bass or Double Bass Harmonica, Chord Harmonica, etc.

Data source: Baidu Baike: https://baike.baidu.com/item/%E5%8F%A3%E7%90%B4/67694?fr=aladdin

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