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Safety precautions: Use of riding toys for children

Time2019-12-05     AuthorShanghai CivaOriginal   Read

Safety precautions: Use of riding toys for children


Riding toys for children include: children's tricycles, bicycles, balance bikes, scooters, foot-to-floor, electric cars, pedal karts, etc.

Many children own and love such baby toys.


Today we will share you some safety precautions for children when riding:

1. Ride on the smoothest road.

The wheels of riding toys are mostly plastic.

Riding on rough roads will make a lot of noise and affect baby's hearing.

So try your best to play with your baby on smooth tiles or road.

2.Control the speed of the riding toys

Children cannot ride too fast, especially when going downhill.

Parents must take more care of their children's safety under such situation.

It is very dangerous if let baby ride downhill alone.


3. Regularly check must be taken.

Parents should check the wheels and frame of the riding toy car, especially check whether the accessories are loose.

If there is an abnormal situation, repair it in time, don't ignore the safety hazard.


4. For foot-to-floor toys, try to keep your baby driving the vehicles with his legs as little as possible

If the child kicks the ground for a long time, it may be harmful to their knees, hips, legs, etc.

Some also cause bone deformation.

Therefore, as little as possible let the baby drive the vehicles with legs.

Parents can guide the baby to shake dashboard / handle bar and make the wheels move.


5. Never let your baby ride in a dangerous place.

If the baby rides on the side of the road, it is very easy to be dangerous.

Once a car passes by, it is dangerous.

Moreover, they can never ride on the ditch or river.

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