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What do you think of Sophie the Giraffe, baby teething toys?

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What do you think of Sophie the Giraffe, baby teething toys?


This cute little giraffe is one of most popular baby teething toys, it has many shining points, such as:

It is made of natural rubber and food coloring.

It does not contain harmful substances such as BPA and PVC.

It can make interesting sounds from this small hole to make the baby laugh.

However, someone doubt that is that possible for saliva flow into the hole when baby biting the toy. 

But the sellers say no possible, because Dr. Ferda Arca-Sedda from University of Pierre at Marie Curie provided the following statement:

"Sophie the Giraffe is safe, it is unlikely that the mold growing inside Sophie is coming from saliva, since it is known that saliva is acidic and contains several enzymes like amylase, pepsin, lipase that play a role in breaking down food particles. In addition, saliva contains antibacterial, antimicrobial and anti-fungal enzymes that kill bacteria, microbes and fungus. The mold inside Sophie comes from submerging and washing Sophie with water and not from saliva. I confirm that cleaning Sophie with a damp cloth is more than sufficient to keep it safe." 

From above, we know saliva may not flow into the hole. But what about water or other liquid?

Lets see below picture.


Furthermore, when press the toy gently, someone may think the voice harsh.

Thus a tester did the decibel test. Below is the result:


The decibels reached 96 decibels in an instant.

How to understand this result?

Car noise ranges from 80-100 decibels. 

A person who is above 90 decibels for a long time may cause hearing loss.

Therefore, the instantaneous decibels are so high that it doesn't seem to make the baby laugh.

The harsh sound puts babies at the risk of hearing loss. 

Above all, it seems the giraffe toy is too bad for baby. 

However, why not discuss this problem from a different point

We think toys are friendly to baby. 

Parents can choice safer way to allow the toys accompany babies, right?

The sellers can tell consumers some good tips before using the toys, right?


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