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Is that really good if children have too many toys?

Time2019-11-27     AuthorShanghai CivaOriginal   Read

Toy shops always tell parents that their toys can help children develop intelligence, help children exercise physical coordination, and help children have good childhood, help children

Many parents believe the ads.

The ads are not fake, good toys do have these benefits. That is why we do toy business, toys can accompany children, make them feel happy, and also can accompany us adults, they can make us feel relax and happy.


Thus, it is not difficult to find such a common thing, parents buy a variety of toys for their children. It is no exaggeration to say that many children have too many toys so that they can become a "little boss" in a toy store.


There is an article on a forum said: American children's education scholars have published a research report that too many toys are likely to affect children's intellectual development.


Although it is not known who this expert is, if he is an authoritative person, or what are the specific contents of this report.

The author thought this view does make sense.


First of all, when children find new toys or find other children have fun toys, they may ask parents to buy them, and parents will try to satisfy their children as much as possible.

However, the newly purchased toys may lose the childrens love after playing for days.

This kind of behavior probably make children easier to raise habits of love the new and loathe the old.


Second, if there are too many toys, the children may become less cherished and less care for the toys, throw them everywhere, or throw them away when they don't like them.

When a thing is rare, it becomes precious. Controlling the number of toys can also help children understand how to cherish and care for toys better.


Third, too many toys can distract childrens attention. They often play this for a while and then play that for a while. Children's attention is often diverted.


In summary, it is good for children to have a variety of toys, but it doesnt mean children have too many toys is a good thing. Give the suitable and helpful toys to children are more important.

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