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4 criteria for choosing kids toys for babies

Time2019-11-28     AuthorShanghai CivaOriginal   Read

Hey, parents, do you know below 4 criteria for choosing kids toys for baby?


1 Parents must consider the age of the kids.

Different toys are suitable for kids at different ages.

For example, toys for newborn babies are usually rattles, bed bells, teethers, story machines, etc.

Babies after 1 year old can start to try educational toys.

Babies after 3 years old can choose some assemble toys, such as building blocks, to exercise their hands-on ability and hand-eye coordination ability.

Therefore, parents should choose toys that match their babiesd age.


2 Parents must attention whether the toys are made of non-toxic and safe materials.

When choosing kids toys, parents must check whether the toys are qualified?

whether they contain harmful substances?

whether they are produced by reliable manufacturers?

what test reports of the toys are available?

which quality standards the toys can meet?

For kids health, these are the important issues that parents need to consider before buying toys.


3 If the kids play with the toys actively? If the toys are helpful for kids creativity and imagination?

Toys are tools for kids to understand the world and perform "practice" activities,

but kids "practice" activities are mainly accomplished through creativity and imagination.

Parents should consider the mentality of their kids when buying kids toys.


4 Parents should choose kids toys that can be played repeatedly

Toys those can be played repeatedly can allow babies to exert more creativity and imagination,

playing one toy with multiple ways can help to exercise their thinking skills better.

It's also an economical way.

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