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What materials are ukulele made of?

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What materials are ukulele made of?

There are a wide variety of materials for making ukulele, the wood used for the panels and back panels is not the same.

Since the panel is directly connected to the strings, It has the most obvious effect on the tone.

In this article we will introduce the common materials used to make ukulele.


Mahogany is brown wood.

It has dense line-like pore texture and is the most common material for making musical instruments.

Its sound is full, warm and very beautiful.

Due to its large output and easy processing, its price is relatively cheap.

Many peoples first ukuleles are made of mahogany wood.

The tone and quality of mahogany from different places are also different, the Honduran mahogany in the United States is the most expensive and top-grade.

2019-08-30 1һľ.jpg


Spruce is an off-white wood with fine and straight wood grain

Its tone is clear, bright, cold and penetrating

Most of the acoustic guitar panels are made of white spruce.

2019-08-30 2ɼľ.jpg 

Red pine

Red pine is an orange wood with wood grain similar to spruce, also have fine and straight wood grain.

Its tone is more sturdy and powerful, and it is a common material for making classical guitars.

2019-08-30 3ľ.jpg

Hawaiian Acacia

Hawaiian Acacia wood, which is golden yellow with a satin-like horizontal pleated texture.

The tone is warm and sweet, and the volume is small. It is the traditional wood for making ukulele.

Unfortunately, because it is a rare species that is endangered in the United States, it is expensive.

2019-08-30 4˼ľ.jpg


When buying an instrument such as ukulele, guitar and piano, you should trust your ears, not the recommendation of others. 

If have chance, please try it yourself.

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