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Common safety issues of children toys

Time2019-09-05     AuthorShanghai CivaOriginal   Read

Common safety issues of children toys

Toys accompany children to grow up. For children, toys are very important friends.

However, parents must be aware of the safety issues that may exist with toys.


Today wed like to introduce some common safety issues of children toys.

1. Toys with small spare parts.

Some toys which with specific functions and shapes may have small spare parts.

Children are curious about their taste, often swallow the spare parts incautiously.

2. Toys with sharp outline.

Some toys have sharp outline, especially in the corners, which are very easy to scratch the children. 

3. Toys with ropes

Some toys have ropes, which are very easy to wrap around the childrens necks and arms.

4. Explosive toys, such as balloon

Some toys are explosive, such as balloon.

When the balloons are squeezed, they will blast, may hurt childrens skin and even cause scars.

5. Water toys

Water recreation is not 100% safe for children even if they can swim.

Children must be accompanied by parents when playing water toys. 

Safety is the most importance thing, parents must choose safe children toys and pay more attention to protect their children.

Civa hopes that all children can grow up healthily and happy.

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