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Is it recommended to buy a Hand Roll Piano?

Time2019-09-09     AuthorShanghai CivaOriginal   Read

Is it recommended to buy a Hand Roll Piano?

Hand roll piano is a new product that has appeared in recent years and was named one of the most fascinating inventions of 2005 by Time Magazine.

It was originally a foldable piano keyboard from Yamano, Japan, called the Hand Roll Piano.

It is favored by many consumers because it can be rolled up and folded, it is very convenient to carry.


Do you know what comments have been made by netizens after using the roll piano?

We collect many comments from Baidu, Zhihu.com, and share some typical comments with you here.

Netizen Farmer":

My teacher didnt allow us to use hand roll piano, but I tried to play it without telling her,  and got a terrible experience.

I knew keyboard of electronic organ is very thin and light, it can not reach the strength of the piano keys.

In the same way, the hand roll piano is thinner and more light, it is even flat.

I played it, it just like to hit the table.

Compared to piano,  hand roll pianos are more like toys, its chords are hard to hear.

Such piano also has problems with legato and vocal.

Although my teacher is strict, I understand that she is right. 

Netizen "Xiao Jing"

If you are learning piano, please never use hand roll pianos as practice tools, you can even use the electronic organ instead.

Because it has no use for your practice except that it can be rolled up and easy to carry.

Netizen "Baby Mom"

I bought the hand roll piano for my child, it can connect to computer and mobile app.

My child and his friends like it, they can learn music through lively activities.

I hope it can help my child love music and piano more.

Netizen Tree worker

I bought the hand roll piano for entertainment, I don't need its sound to be as beautiful as a piano.

I just need it to be a good entertainment way for me  when I feel bored.

It did it, I like it very much.

Netizen "Sunflower"

Many sellers claim that their products (hand roll piano) are from Germany, but the actual production is in Guangdong.

Before you buy, you must look for a well-known brand, do investigation well.

Do not be deceived.

Netizen Jangho

I have a hand roll piano, an electronic organ, an electrical piano, and Im frequent visitor to the piano room.

Below is my words:

A. General price: Hand roll piano is about 200RMB, electronic organ is about 500RMB, electrical piano is about 2500RMB, piano is about 10k-50k RMB.

B. Don't buy a hand roll unless your room is too narrow to put an electric piano.

C. The hand roll piano can not be used to practice the piano basically, but it is really a little bit useful. It can help you practice fingering, like 12312341231234.

D. The electrical organ is a little better than the hand roll piano, at least you can pop up standard smooth songs.

E. The electrical piano is a good thing, even though a second-hand electrical piano.

F. The piano is good, but too big, too heavy.

Thats all.

Netizen Miso

I think it only can be instrument toys.

In my opinion, its biggest advantage is it can be rolled up, its biggest disadvantage is it can be rolled up.

Netizen TTY

For those who learn professional pianos, playing with hand roll piano will destroy the piano hands.

It is not conducive to the learner to develop the correct hand shape and playing position.

Well, the comments of netizens are roughly the same, it seems that netizens are more willing to take the piano as an instrument toys.

The above views do not represent Civa views.

If you want to buy instrument toys, such as piano toys, electronic organ toys, please visit www.civatoys.com or contact us at any time.

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