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The best age for children to learn to play piano

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The best age for children to learn to play piano

The piano is a popular musical instrument that has been hailed as the "king of musical instruments."

From the perspective of human physical condition, intellectual development and learning environment, the piano is the most suitable musical instrument for learning from an early age.

So what is the best time for children to learn piano?

How to determine the best age to learn to play piano?


From the perspective of physiology and psychology, children after 4 and 5 years old have good preconditions regardless of brain development, attention, cognitive ability, and comprehension.

Older children are more capable, more conscious, and learn faster.

Therefore, it is generally believed that girls are 4-5 years old and boys can begin to learn piano at 5-6 years of age.


However, because of the large individual differences between children, physical conditions and mental development are not the same,

Therefore, it is most appropriate for a child to start learning piano. It depends on the specific conditions, and it is not possible to abstractly determine the best age for children to learn piano.


For example, a 3-year-old child's hand has better bone development, and the body develops well. The ability to distinguish, intelligence, and hearing can also be learned. Such a child can learn to play piano.

Conversely, if a 5-year-old child does not have good abilities, then he/her has to wait until he/her can have the good abilities before starting to learn the piano.

This requires parents to decide according to the specific circumstances of their children and professional consultation.

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